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LA Custom Art » About

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Bucky and Me When I was in kindergarten my teacher expressed concern to my mother regarding my affinity for the jumbo, black crayon. Little girls just don’t color with big black crayons! But my mother, in her wisdom, saw no problem with her bombastic first-born and allowed me to express myself with bold lines, endless sheets of paper, tempera paints, and music.

After high school, I attended Kendall School of Design, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I got my degree in Fine Arts, majoring in Illustration. A difficult degree in which to actually find work, I relocated to Florida and did everything from paste up to photo retouching. I married, had three children within three and a half years and put my career on hold; a choice I wouldn’t change for the world.

When our children were still in elementary school my husband had a career change and necessity dictated I go back to work. I began working as a commercial scenic artist. I had the talent but this particular field taught me how to work on a big scale. I got my hands into mediums I’d never played with before. It was fast-paced and exciting, albeit very physical at times. The education into set design and large-scale art was invaluable. Two years later however, in the spring of 2000, the studio closed its Florida doors.

At that time I established Interior Illustrations, Inc. Since then, I’ve had a successful business providing services in faux finishing, decorative painting, trompe l’oeil, murals and portraits. My education in fine arts paired with my scenic experience gives me an elite edge in this particular industry. Working closely with Interior Designers, builders, high-end homeowners and commercial proprietors, I’ve made old things look new, new things look old and graced many a wall with my bombastic creativity.  

Leisa Albritton is known for her own unique style of art. As a young entrepreneur she has already branched out and started her first company PiePiePinup. Her company also creates faux finishing videos for LACustomArt 

But before she was the rising business lady of today, she was just Pie. Her art began as intricate depictions of fantasy lands. Places to escape in wonder. Her talent grew into a blossom of 3 dimensional works in the land of the surreal. 




There was never an absence of art growing up. As Leslie’s oldest daughter, I was encouraged to have artist expression. Having an artist for a mom was like going to art class every day. It was only natural that I should marry a fellow artist.


Marco and I met in 2014 and married New Years Day 2017. Together we have completed many amazing projects for clientele of LAcustomArt. We are proud to say the skills we gained from this company will greatly benefit our future. In 2015 we established Soulistic Creations LLC to produce art and handmade products for local business. 

Corrie & Marco Thompson


Leslie Albritton

Specializing in the ostentatious and the ridiculously overstated!

For More Information:

Email: lasparkleworks@gmail.com
Phone: 386-717-7911