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LA Custom Art » Services

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Animal Portraits

I love my pets. I’m especially bonded with my dog, a pit bull named Bucky. He’s goofy, energetic and expressive. Why would I immortalize him in pastels? *yawn* My friend adores her horse, a Friesian, and he’s magnificent! My interpretation of her beloved horse is true to life, an 8-foot tall statement in her formal living room. I can give you a “common” portrait of your fuzzy family member, but are you common? Is your pet? My rendering will capture the unique and irreplaceable quality that makes your pet so endearing.

People Portraits

Sorry, I can’t stand the sleepy oil paintings hanging over the couch. There’s nothing more boring than a traditional, stuffy portrait that fails to communicate anything notable about the one to whom tribute has been paid in paint. But…what if you put your husband’s head on a monk for his wine cellar? Would you like to see your wife portrayed in Botticelli’s Birth of Venus? Don’t those precious children remind you of cherubs? If you’re paying for custom, high-end portrait art, it ought to be for something no one else has! I specialize in exclusivity for those with a taste for distinct and upscale quality yet without the bore. My portraits are a must for those with a regard for levity, whether subtly sublime or ostentatious and ridiculously overstated!

Faux Finishing, Decorative Painting, Murals and Trompe L’Oeil

There isn’t any surface that can’t be “treated.” When evaluating a home for faux finishing or anything decorative, my approach is to enhance, not distract. I look for architectural accents and elements that need a punch like columns, tray and/or domed ceilings, niches and the like. I like to compliment the textures and fabrics in your home. It’s all about creativity, thinking outside the box, and creating the right nuance for atmosphere. Many of my clients have become personal friends. I won’t leave you unhappy. After all, it’s just paint.

Media & Reproductions

Most of the portrait art and murals will be painted on cotton duck cloth and shipped rolled. Luan (birch) is also an option depending on the overall size and shipping location. All pieces can be installed by your local professional or stretched by a trusted picture framer.

I can also provide archival giclée prints of your original piece. These are high quality reproductions on your choice of ultra smooth fine art paper, textured watercolor, somerset velvet, canvas, photo paper or metallic photo paper. Assuredly a delightful way to share your commissioned piece with family while the lofty original hangs in your home.

The Process

You may contact me through email, or by phone. Email me a clear photo for portrait art or concepts for commissioned art.* Once I have a photo we can have an animated conversation on how to knock the socks off the recipient, even if that recipient is you. I’ll provide you with a written proposal. If the proposal is accepted I require a 50% deposit with the final balance due upon completion.

*I can provide an onsite photo shoot for local clients at $75 for a one hour session.

Leslie Albritton

Specializing in the ostentatious and the ridiculously overstated!

For More Information:

Email: lasparkleworks@gmail.com
Phone: 386-717-7911